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hi! I was wondering if i could use a drawing of yours for my tumblr icon? i`m thinking of using the "he has fallen" ira snapchat or the snapchat of nonon "look at my pretty face"? if not, i`m sorry! have a great day! :>

Ja, sure, I don’t mind if you use those for icons thanks for asking first it means alot!!

[points] weenies!!

I accidentally showed up to animation class an hour and 15 min early so I’m just gonna sit here and draw weenie dogs until 3


The En Family.

"Well done, Mankanshoku! Just as you’ve said, I will put an end to my own past!"

Whenever i’m sad, Beth always sends my pics of peanie. the definition of true friendship


I started needle-felting a birb army

More messages asking for more klk snaps so [jazz hands]

Artwork by ma2
Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)

oh fuck

1. i have a pretty good memory 2. whenever i’m in a group, i’m the one who keeps everyone on task 3. i think i’m funny especially when me and beth are together 4. i’m able to take a shitty situation “roll with it” 90% of the time 5. i’m not that person who asks 10 million questions during a movie this is really the most important one though


apparently my favourite thing to draw lately is luffy with a shit eating grin

posting more nice messages from a while ago that i’ve opened while i was either in class or out and forgot to answer bc i got emotional.

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